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Professional registration grants the publication up to two papers.

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  • After the submission of the Registration Form, you will redirected to the Confirmation page, where you will have the option to pay the registration fee through Paypal (only option for International payments; can also be used by brazilian residents) or Getnet (from Santander bank, for brazilian residents only; you be able to pay using Credit or Debit Cards).
  • If you intend to pay later, don't select "Submit" button, and close this page.
  • If you want to pay through direct bank transfer, through "Nota de Empenho", or other payment methods, please select "Yes" for Manual Process in the following question. The payment process will be completed manually with the support of our Treasurer.


  • The payment receipt will be issued by IEEE Sul Brasil, a brazilian non-profit association in charge of financial support of the Induscon 2021.
  • The receipt will be processed manually by our Treasurer and will be send only after the complete payment confirmation.
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